Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Losing function after an injury can be a frightening experience, but you’re not alone. Our licensed physical therapists provide the guidance and treatment you need to overcome your traumatic brain injury and regain the function you’ve lost.
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Regain What You’ve Lost

Our brains are the control center for our bodies. They tell us how to walk, talk, function, and more. When any area of the brain becomes damaged, it can affect how we go about our day-to-day activities. While a traumatic brain injury can change your present, it doesn’t have to change your future. With the right care, you can recover what you’ve lost and regain your quality of life. Here is how we can help you achieve that Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

A traumatic brain injury occurs when you receive an injury to the head that impairs function. This kind of injury can happen from a slip and fall, a car accident, a blow, or any other kind of accident.
The effects of traumatic brain injury can be temporary or permanent, but no matter how your traumatic brain injury affects you, we will work with you to manage and overcome it. Treatment for a traumatic brain injury can include a combination of medical care and physical therapy, and our licensed physical therapist is here to guide you toward recovery and help you restore your function.
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Some common side effects of traumatic brain injury include:


Loss of motor skills


Speech impairment


Loss of balance


Decrease in function


Physical limitations

How We Address Your Pain

Traumatic Brain Injuries We Treat

There are many different kinds of traumatic brain injuries. The diagnoses differ in how they damage the brain and the symptoms they cause. Here are some of the traumatic brain injuries we treat, but this is not a comprehensive list. If you’ve experienced a loss of function after an injury to the head, no matter your injury, we can help you towards recovery.

One of the most common traumatic brain injuries is a concussion. You may receive a concussion after a sudden blow to the head, a change in movement, or momentum. A concussion may also cause loss of consciousness, but it doesn’t have to. If you are struggling with headaches, dizziness, confusion, or any other symptoms that are out of the ordinary after your head injury, you should seek care from a medical provider.
Contusions, also known as bruises, can happen anywhere in or on your body, including the brain. If you’ve suffered a severe hit on the head, you could form a bruise on the brain. It’s possible to even have contusions on both sides of the brain, which would be referred to as coup-contrecoup. Contusions can cause blood clots, changes to your speaking patterns, and difficulties with memory and thinking, but these symptoms can improve with treatment. If your case is severe, you may require surgery, in which physical therapy can help you prepare and recover.
Diffuse Axonal
A diffuse axonal is similar to a severe concussion. This head injury occurs when there is an overextended head rotation. That motion can cause tears in your brain’s structures. Some side effects patients experience are seizures, severe headaches, migraines, and memory loss, but they can be treated with rehabilitation.
Acute Injury
A traumatic brain injury can be an acute injury like bumps, cuts, wounds, a fractured skull, or internal bleeding and damage to the brain. These wounds are often easily identifiable and can be treated with medical care and physical therapy to address the wound and help you regain the function that has been affected by it.
Acquired Brain Injury
An acquired brain injury is a traumatic brain injury that happens as a result of another injury or complication. That could include blood loss, heart problems, damage to the lungs or ribs, and more. In our car accident patients, whiplash is behind most acquired brain injuries.
Whiplash: Whiplash happens when your neck is jerked rapidly back and forth. In most cases, it can resolve itself with the right car, but severe cases can cause traumatic brain injury. If you suffer from recurring headaches, neck pain, vision changes, or other whiplash symptoms, contact your medical provider.
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Physical Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injuries

After an accident results in a traumatic brain injury, your primary focus is to recover and regain your quality of life. Physical therapy is a form of treatment that can help you along the way. Medical care can help stabilize your condition and treat your injuries, but it can’t help you regain the function you’ve lost from the injury, that is what physical therapy is for. After a traumatic brain injury, a physical therapist can help you:

  • Restore balance
  • Regain motor control
  • Improve function
  • Increase endurance
  • Rebuild strength

Seek Medical Care

In some cases, you may not feel pain or know you have an injury when it happens, but when you start to notice symptoms of a traumatic brain injury seek medical care right away. The sooner you receive a diagnosis, the sooner you can get the right care and treatment so you can heal and prevent long-term damage.

Working Together Towards Recovery

At Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy, our goal is to help you towards a better life that is free of pain and discomfort. We understand how a traumatic brain injury can affect you and your quality of life, and we want to help you regain what you’ve lost. Our licensed physical therapists are here to listen to you and work with you to determine the best treatment to help you recover.
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery
Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

Other Services We Offer

Along with physical therapy, we also offer a variety of other services designed to help our patients move better and move forward.

What to Expect for Your Consultation

When you come to Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy for traumatic brain injury treatment, our first step is to get you a consultation with our physical therapist. During our one-on-one examination, we’ll discuss the extent of your injury and how it’s affected your day-to-day activities, function, and mobility. This could include being unable to get up by yourself, inability to walk or balance without assistance, sleep issues, and more. Once we have an understanding of your problem areas, we’ll work with you to create your custom treatment plan so you can regain control of your body and life.

Take Your First Step

You don’t have to struggle to recover. With our guidance, you will have the support you need to move forward. Together, we can help you overcome your traumatic brain injury by improving your function and easing your pain. The treatment you need, and the care you deserve are within your reach. Take your first step forward by contacting us at Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy to schedule your consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation

Whether your pain and discomfort is longstanding or new, we are a Tampa chiropractor who will work with you to get to its root cause so that you don’t just feel well, but are well. Set up a consultation with us to get started.