Our VA Services

We are dedicated to providing high-quality chiropractic and physical therapy VA services for those who served.
Our VA Services

Providing The Care You Deserve

At Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy, we honor and support our nation’s veterans by collaborating with the VA Community Care Network. All veterans can access our comprehensive chiropractic and physical therapy services to find the treatment that fits their unique needs. We are committed to providing veterans with timely, effective care that enhances their overall well-being and improves their quality of life. You’ve taken care of us and our country, it’s our turn to take care of you.

Understanding Veteran Access

Under the Choice and Accountability Act of 2014, programs were established to better meet the healthcare needs of our nation’s veterans. These programs include the Veterans Choice Program and the VA Community Care Network (CCN), aimed at making it easier for veterans to access timely healthcare and access care from non-VA healthcare providers in their communities. Through CCN, veterans can be assured that their healthcare needs are being met through prompt and convenient comprehensive care.

How Do You Qualify?

To qualify for chiropractic care and other services through the VA CCN, you must meet certain criteria. These criteria include being enrolled in or eligible for VA healthcare and obtaining approval from your VA healthcare team before seeking care from a community provider. However, there are exceptions, such as urgent or emergency care. Along with these conditions, you must also meet at least one of these requirements:

You need a service that a VA health facility doesn’t provide.


You live in a state or territory that doesn’t offer a full-service VA health facility.


You live in a location that qualifies under the 40-mile distance requirement that would make you eligible under these requirements.


The VA health facility can’t provide the care you need within their standards for drive and wait times.


You and your VA provider agree that getting care from an in-network community provider is best for your treatment.


Your VA health facility can’t provide the service you need in a way that meets our standards.

When in doubt of your eligibility, you can ask us at your consultation or check with your VA health facility provider. Once you’ve determined you’re qualified, we can help you get the personalized care you need to overcome your pain and regain your quality of life.
Our VA Services
Our VA Services

How You Can Access Our VA Services

Before you can access our VA Services, you first need to get approval or a referral from your VA health facility provider. Since we are a provider within the VA Community Care Network, our services are covered. If you prefer, you still have the option to receive care at VA facilities. We are proud to be providers for the VA CCN, ensuring that veterans receive the high-quality care they deserve and the dedicated support they need.

Why You May Need Chiropractic Care or Physical Therapy

Chiropractic care and physical therapy can play a crucial role in addressing various health issues commonly faced by veterans. These may include managing chronic pain, improving mobility after injuries, and supporting overall wellness and rehabilitation efforts. Whether you need guidance treating pain from a previous injury or need support for a recent injury, we offer the care you need to recover your strength and well-being. By offering targeted treatments and personalized care plans, we strive to meet your unique needs and help you lead a fulfilling, pain-free life.

How You Benefit Through Our VA Services

We aim to provide the comprehensive, high-quality care you need so you can overcome pain and regain your quality of life. When you choose Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy as your preferred community care provider, you can gain many benefits from our VA services. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

Pain Relief
Our services target the root cause of pain and eliminate it so you can live a more comfortable, pain-free life. We’ll work with you to design a treatment plan that provides the most relief.
Increased Mobility
Previous or current injuries may limit mobility, but with our services, we can help increase your mobility so you can regain a more active lifestyle. From chiropractic care to physical therapy, we offer a wide range of treatments designed to help you.
Improved Function
Some injuries may impair your function, but with our physical therapy services, we can help restore it. With targeted exercises and hands-on approaches, we will work with you to move better and live better.
Support Overall Wellness
Chiropractic care and physical therapy offer customizable, non-invasive approaches to improving your health and wellness. We’ll help target the root cause of your issues so you can move your best and feel your best.
Recovery Support
Whether you need support after surgery or after an accident, we have the services you need to help you through recovery. We can help you reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve flexibility for a smoother healing journey.
Personalized Care
At Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy, we design treatments based on each patient’s pain points. When you come to us for your VA services, you’ll get a customized treatment plan to meet your needs.
How You Benefit Through Our VA Services

Our Dedication to Veterans

At Essential Chirocare and Physical Therapy, we understand the unique needs of veterans and we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to our nation’s veterans. Our experienced team is committed to delivering personalized VA services that promote healing, mobility, and overall well-being.

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