How to Find the Best Chiropractor for Sports Injuries

Have you recently been injured in your sport? Do you need to find a way of recovering as quickly as possible so that you can get back to the way things were? If so, then you need to find the best chiropractor for sports injuries in the Tampa area.

Being injured is one of the most devastating experiences that one can endure as an athlete. It takes a specialized chiropractor to help you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible.

See below for an in-depth guide on how to find the best chiropractor for sports injuries, auto accidents, and so much more.

1. Check Online Reviews and References

If you’re in the process of recovery, you want to find a chiropractor who has the experience and knowledge to assist you. Finding that level of a chiropractor can ensure a swift and healthy recovery from your injury.

However, how can you discern which chiropractors are the real deal? With so many in the area, how can you be sure that you’re going to the right one? There are a few ways that you can find out:

  • Check the reviews online
  • Ask the chiropractor for patient references
  • Read patient testimonials on their site.

If you still want more in-depth information, you can reach out to the chiropractor’s office and request a few references that you can call to learn more.

2. Take Advantage of Initial Appointment

Perhaps this will be the first time that you’ve ever visited a chiropractor. If so, then you should know that the initial appointment is very similar to the initial appointment with a new doctor.

You’ll get the chance to meet the chiropractor and the members of his/her team that will assist you in your recovery. They’ll examine your injury and possibly take a few x-rays (depending on the injury).

After the run a few tests, they’ll list out a detailed plan for your recovery. They can tell you about the experiences they’ve had in the past, as well as go more in-depth with what the priorities are in your rehabilitation.

The initial appointment is also when you get to ask your chiropractor as many questions as you desire. Here are a few we recommend asking:

  • What is your experience with my injury?
  • Do you think that this injury requires surgery?
  • What is the estimated time of recovery, before I’m back to 100-percent?
  • What resources would you recommend to help me learn more about my injury?
  • What’s the focus of my rehabilitation and why?
  • Will I be able to play my sport again by the time the next season begins?

We’re sure that you have a few questions of your own. Don’t hesitate to ask them. The chiropractor and their team want to make sure you’re as comfortable and confident in their service as possible.

3. Search for Experience

This should be prefaced by saying that you aren’t just looking for a chiropractor who’s been in his/her position for 20+ years. You need someone with sports injury experience.

When it comes to injuries, finding an experienced chiropractor with a proven track record of success is the best route to go.

4. Opt for Natural Rehabilitation

Contrary to popular belief, prescription medication is not an essential part of sports injury rehabilitation. The progress comes from strengthening and readjusting the injury. There’s no way around it.

For that reason, you need to find someone that preaches natural rehab. Someone that will focus on improving your injury’s range of motion and get it back to 100-percent as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic care is an essential piece to the puzzle. It can reduce the pain you experience during recovery, as well as help the injury heal that much faster!

5. Look for Communication

You should never be left in the dark with your own rehabilitation. You want to find a chiropractor who takes the time to talk you through your recovery.

More importantly, you want to find someone that listens to your input. When they ask how you’re feeling, are they going to make adjustments depending on the feedback that you give them?

The chiropractor-patient relationship is all about to give and take. It’s about communicating your pain level to them so that they can help pinpoint ways of reducing the stress.

Depending on the injury, it could be a long road to recovery. Make sure that you have someone that’s willing to talk you through the entire process.

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Whether your pain and discomfort is longstanding or new, we are a Tampa chiropractor who will work with you to get to its root cause so that you don’t just feel well, but are well. Set up a consultation with us to get started.