Is it Dramatic to Go See a Chiropractor After a Fender-Bender? Not at All. Here’s Why.

If you were just involved in a minor car accident and aren’t feeling any pain, the idea of going to see a medical professional can seem unnecessary. The reality, however, is that it’s one of the best decisions you can make for your peace of mind, well-being, and any justice you may need to seek as a result of the accident. Paying attention to your health–even if that attention comes in the form of a preventive visit–is the only way to catch injuries that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and nip potentially serious issues in the bud. Today, we’re examining why seeing a chiropractor after a fender bender is actually a great decision, as well as what you can expect from your visit.

Why Seeing a Professional is a Good Call

Car accidents–no matter how minor they may seem–are traumatic events. Being able to walk away from an accident seemingly unscathed is very fortunate, but it doesn’t definitively rule out the chance of something being wrong underneath the surface. This isn’t meant to frighten you; just to encourage a realistic alertness following what was undoubtedly a stressful event both for your body and your mind. Here are a few reasons why, if you’re leaning towards not seeing a chiropractor, you might want to reconsider:

  • If you weren’t at fault in the car accident and are considering seeking justice, it’s a good idea to have a medical examination on file.
  • Injuries aren’t the only potential side effect of a car accident: there’s also the possibility of strain, tightness, and limited mobility in your muscles, bones, and nervous system that can and should be addressed.
  • Injuries don’t always (or immediately) manifest themselves through pain. That doesn’t make them any less pressing or important

Injuries Can Be Sneaky

Physical injuries can be difficult to pinpoint–especially if your mind is under stress, too. The aftermath of a car accident is both hectic and difficult for a variety of reasons. From dealing with insurance to car damage, making sure passengers are OK, and rescheduling anything you may have missed due to the accident, there’s a lot to contend with. It’s common for people to go hours or even days without feeling the symptoms of their injuries because of this.

Some injuries, like concussions, muscular strain, and internal bleeding, don’t always present very obvious symptoms. They can also become life-threatening if left untreated. The only way to rule out these injuries after a car accident with absolute certainty is to see a medical professional.

Generally speaking, chiropractic care is a pretty hands-on approach, focusing on functional treatments as an alternative to surgeries and medication. Chiropractic care can include treatments commonly found in physical therapy, like supervised exercises, strength training, massage therapy.

What to Know About Seeing a Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor is a great option following a car accident for a few reasons. Unlike physical therapists, chiropractors use diagnostic imaging (like x-rays) in their diagnoses, which allows for specificity and precision and helps to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed. Unlike physicians, chiropractors focus more on physical manipulation and holistic treatment than on medicine and surgery. With that being said, it’s always a good idea to see a physician after a car accident–especially if you’re experiencing pain, dizziness, or any other discomfort.

What to Expect from Your Experience

Chiropractic treatment varies depending on the patient, their lifestyle, their symptoms, and–of course–their injuries. A good chiropractor will hear you out and work with you to come up with a course of treatment that fits not only your concerns, but your lifestyle and your goals.

At Essential Chirocare, your visit will begin with a consultation. We want to hear about what brought you in (and, if it was a specific accident, we’ll want to know details about it), your medical history, past injuries, exercise levels, dietary habits, and your goals for the future. Then, we’ll talk through your treatment options and come up with a plan that takes your unique health profile into consideration.

Ultimately, the goal of chiropractic care is to restore alignment in your spine, promote mobility in your muscles and joints, and set you up for a healthy and active lifestyle in the long term. If you were recently in an accident, chiropractic care can reduce the likelihood of pain, physical limitations, and further injury in your future.

Seeing a chiropractor is always a good idea–especially if you were recently in a car accident and want to make sure that everything is OK. To learn more about what to expect from your visit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Whether your pain and discomfort is longstanding or new, we are a Tampa chiropractor who will work with you to get to its root cause so that you don’t just feel well, but are well. Set up a consultation with us to get started.

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Whether your pain and discomfort is longstanding or new, we are a Tampa chiropractor who will work with you to get to its root cause so that you don’t just feel well, but are well. Set up a consultation with us to get started.